Pony pic!

Proof I'm riding!

Saturday Lauren set up a small cross-rail bounce that I promised myself I'd take a picture of but never did. We only had two bobbles after the cross-rails were created - I clearly was riding ahead of Dassah AND without adding leg, so after the first cross-rail, Dassah bounced out of the gymnastic. Nope, not over the second cross-rail and out, just thought she'd take me up on my lack of aids and quite the scene. She went all "Let's Bounce, Yo" on me. hah hhah hahh aha ha haaaa. (*hangs head at how bad that was).

I ended up on her neck so that was fun. At least I didn't bite it. It's always worse to hit the ground in the cold.

Other than the two times where I threw the reins at her and sat idly by, we had a great jumping school. :) I started to release earlier and more; apparently although it doesn't feel like I have any contact, I do - I just need to give more so I'm not grabbing her mouth. She appreciates it when I don't. :)

Sunday was a flatting day - Dassah lost her shit when Lauren left the arena with her mare. We had a bit of a temper tantrum and then successfully regrouped. My mare is just the coolest. A hothead but willing to listen if the rationale is valid. Go Redheads!


  1. I have a million between the ears pics on my phone, they're the best :) Glad you had a good jump school and regrouped after your "conversation".

    1. I am so envious (like seriously green) of people who have pictures of them ON THEIR PONIES! How does that magic happen?

  2. readheads ftw! glad you had fun despite some shenanigans lol

  3. I'm a sucker for a pretty chestnut myself!


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