Just keep going....

Anyone ever notice that what our horses need is also what we need?

Such as:

For horses: "Forward" - we always need "forward" from our horses, it's how we get accomplish things (i.e. going past scary plastic bag monsters, over jumps, through corners, etc.)

For humans: "Just keep going." It's how we navigate stressful times, traumatic times, the tough times, depression, anxiety attacks, etc. It's how we accomplish projects, how we get places, how we survive.

For horses: Softness - we need softness from our horses to have fluid movements, to help them learn, to accomplish anything. Bracing only causes disconnect, hollow movement, choppy strides, and things we don't want to do (like deciding a bounce should only be one jump and Miss Mare is nice and hollow and I have no leg on so sure, let's just avoid the second crossrail).

For humans: Softness with regards to how we approach ourselves and people. Bracing/defensiveness wreaks communication, puts cotton in our ears, and flatlines any hope for connection. I physically become stiff and hollow when I mentally brace. When I soften my mind, feel the gray of life instead of rigid black-and-white, I allow for fluid connection with the people around me. and myself. 

For horses: Safety. Horses need to know they are safe with you. They need to know they can trust you, otherwise (not like I've experienced any of these at all, nope, none) the tractor in the corner becomes fire-breathing, the teeny tiny vertical is a leg-chomper, and whatever made that indiscernible noise in the woods is THE SMOKE MONSTER! (Lost, anyone?). I'm talking about consistency in aids, softness in your body, and clarity in what we expect.

For humans: We need to have places and people of safety. If our blood pressure is always up, we'll get sick, depressed, and develop, just like horses, un-healthy habits.

For horses: Food, water, place to sleep. In order to have a well-functioning healthy, happy horse, they need those very basic needs met. Anyone ever heard of ulcers?!

For humans: Ditto. When was the last time you made a good decision about anything on a hungry stomach or while tired or with that headache you got by not drinking enough water?


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